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Established in 1984, Cages is one of the UK's leading experts in compressed air solutions. Providing quality, reliable products from industry recognised brands. At Cages we install, service and repair any model or brand no matter what the age or size air compressor.


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Monitoring usage to ensure you have the right air compressor for the production you require.

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Location, location, location - ensure your air compressor runs to the right efficiency by selecting the correct location for your compressor.

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Check and clean coolers on a regular basis

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Regular weekly checks on air filters will maintain the lifespan of your air system.

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Remember to complete weekly air compressor checks

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Compressed air carries dirt, water and contaminants. If left untreated it can damage the downstream equipment.

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Avoid downtime and production loss with regular maintenance of your compressor

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Dispose of your compressed air condensate legally - you could be breaking the law!

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Check for leaks regularly – undetected air compressor leaks can become costly

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Overheating compressor? Check coolers, oil, filters, sensor expansion valve & ambient temperature.

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Too hot or too cold! Remember air compressors are designed to operate at ambient temperatures ranging from 5 o C to 40 o C.

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Remember, maintain your air compressor by getting regular service.

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