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Servicing & Maintenance

Cages servicing department offer an experienced team providing nationwide support in maintaining and repairing air compressor systems. Our staff are fully trained to industry standards and can provide energy audits, compressed air leak detection and inspections on pressure systems. For a hassle free compressed air service with peace of mind we can arrange for one of our expert engineer’s to complete a service check. Ensuring your compressor is maintained by changing the compressor oil, checking and replacing air filters and replacing any belts on a regular basis. Size doesn’t matter, our skilled engineers are able to service and repair most air compressor brands, no matter how big! Customise a planned maintenance program and choose from a simple no ties service to a full 24hr-7 day service contact.

Keep calm and call Cages

Our team are trained to repair common faults whilst on site but have the facilities to take the compressor off site to our specialised workshop for repair if needed.

Don’t be left short of compressed air, keep your air system working correctly to avoid costly downtime.   


  • Bearing monitoring – Offering constant performance data, we can report on the condition of your motor and air end bearings. Either on a scheduled or permanent fixed installation.
  • Analysis and visualisation service – With real time data logging and analysis.  We can manage your system from our office as part of our enhanced maintenance contract.
  • Thermal imaging – We offer thermal imaging to enable faults to be detected and reported in their early stages.
  • Leakage detection – Using our ultrasonic leak detection and tagging system, a full leak detection and repair package can be carried out. All leaks are tagged and can be added to a timetable for repair.

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Got a question about your compressed air system? Want to talk to one of our expert compressor engineers? Or do you simply need advice on the best compressor to suit your application? Give us a call or send an email.

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Keep Calm and Call Cages - One of our expert engineers is on hand for any compressed air emergency. In need of a compressed air system service or a health check to keep production running smoothly? Book one of our qualified engineers and arrange a site visit.

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